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Nuvoton nct6796dr temperature

Under Nuvoton NCT6791D, I am seeing high temps for #4-6. This is my first build from 2013 and it has been running flawlessly since. The only thing I changed was adding a Noctua D14 after my Corsair H75 gave out. This was two years ago. Two weeks ago I started smelling what I can only describe as "a new cheap plastic swimming pool" smell..

[KX] Transistor Dán BCP56 SOT-223 NPN 1.2A 80V (SMD) (BCP 56). Buy SAC57D53MDVMO NXP , Learn more about SAC57D53MDVMO ARM 32-bit MCU, Triple c, View the manufacturer, and stock, and datasheet pdf for the SAC57D53MDVMO at Jotrin Electronics.. LPC/eSPI SI/O, NCT6796D Datasheet, NCT6796D circuit, NCT6796D data sheet : NUVOTON, alldatasheet, Datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and Semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes, triacs and other semiconductors..

Hi i just Buy this motherboard " Tuf B360M-Plus " i was controling the temps, Cpu and Others are Fin, around 33 a 44 under max load, Mother Board is just aroun 25. but im realase on Hw Monitor the next " Nuvoton Nct6796D " Saying 112 110 . i hope someone can tell me. Thanks ¿ Is this fine , Shuld i care about ?.

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0002327: Nuvoton NCT6791D / Asus Z87-Plus incorrect fan mapping: Description First my setup: CF-V12HP on CPU_FAN FAN1 on CHA_FAN1 Corsair H60 on CHA_FAN2 FAN2 on CHA_FAN3. Temperature NUVOTON NCT6779D. Hello guys, recently my pc started getting warm, so after searching information in net I decided to replace the the thermal paste. After replacing the paste it still gets high temperature , so I dont know what to do more. Or I misunderstood something . I will add a picture of hardware stats..

Where to buy The NCT6796D-E is a member of Nuvoton's Super I/O series capable of monitoring critical parameters in PC hardware including power supply voltages, fan speeds and temperatures. The NCT6796D-E provides both high accuracy current mode sensing and low cost thermistor mode sensing.

The NuMicro® NUC029KGE supports wide voltage range from 2.5V ~ 5.5V and temperature ranging from - 40 ℃ ~ +105 ℃ , up to 256 KB of Flash memory, 20 KB of SRAM , as well as 4 KB of ISP ( In-System Programming ) ROM. It also supports high immunity of ESD up to HBM 7 kV / EFT 4.4 kV ..

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